Gallery | A Mvskoke Journey

This work explores my Native American ancestry. I am an enrolled member of the Muscogee (Creek) nation, known as Mvskoke. 


Winter Trees Wept

Entirely hand-stitched silk, monoprinted cotton, beads, feathers and paper. 102 cm x 40cm. Double sided. This quilt tells the story of the Muscogee's brutal removal from ancestral lands in present day Georgia and Alabama, and their forced march to Indian Territory - The Trail of Tears - in a harsh winter.

My Grandmother's Shoes

Paper, Pencil, Glitter, Pastel, 25cm x 40cm.

Portrait of My Dad

Paper, Thread, Foam Board, Paint, 29cm x 42cm.


As Long As Grass Grows

Architectural Tracing Paper, Organza, Beads, Thread, 29cm x 42cm.

Half Breed

Paper, Thread, 29cm x 42cm.

My Dad

Paper, Thread. 49cm x 39cm

Rattlesnake Gorget

Linen, Thread, Beads.

Part Indian, Half Breed, Savage

Acrylic on Board, 51cm x 40cm.

The Road to Oklahoma I

Felt, Organza, Wool, Silk, Thread, Sequins, Wood, Beads, 86cm x 28cm.

The Road to Oklahoma II

Cotton, Silk, 150cm x 183cm. Winner of 2nd Prize, Diverse Category, Trail of Tears Art Show, Cherokee Heritage Centre, Tahlequah OK, 2020.

Locv - Earth Diver

Acrylic on Canvas, 60cm x 80cm.

Hvse - Sun

Monoprint, 11cm x 11cm Mounted.

Hvcce Poyvfekcv - River Spirit

Chalk on Paper, 38cm x 69cm.

First World

Oil Pastel on Paper, 28cm x 28cm.

Ecatēcvlke Enfvyvtete Pome Enliketv - Red Stick Leads Us Home

Found Wood, Oil Pastel, Watercolour Pencil, Acrylic Paint, 48cm x 48cm.

Earth Diver II

Mushroom Compost on Paper.

Tafv - Feather


Rvro Cate - Red Fish


Rvro Poyvfecv - Ghost Fish


Rvro Holatte - Blue Fish



Needle Felt, 29cm x 29cm + Mount.

Six Towns Held By River Spirit

Needle Felt, 29cm x 29cm + Mount.

Indian With a Car

Paper, Organza, Thread.

Wood, River, Trees I


Wood, River, Trees II

Collagraph, Paint