Gallery | Poetry

Words often find their way into my work; usually stitched or printed. These pieces include poetry that is either my own or borrowed.


Beneath the Summer Moon

Cotton and Silk, 162cm x 102cm. Double-sided.


Enter the Forest of Dreams

Cotton, Silk, Olive Ash, Acrylic Paint, 213cm x 137cm x 234cm. Both the rear of the headboard quilt and a hidden valance include poetry. One written by me, the other by my husband.


Desert River Goddess

Cotton, Silk, Organza, Maple, Acrylic Paint, 178cm x 147cm x18cm.


The Forest Knows

Cotton, Organza, Silk, Paper, Linen Thread, 109cm x 25cm.



Cotton, Silk, Screenprint, Lokta Paper, Metallic Paint, 51cm x 20cm.

Eloquent River (top) & All of My Memories

Cotton, Paper, Canvas, Paint, 32cm x 32cm (each).

Ver Sacrum

Cotton, Angelina Fibres, Oil Paint Stick.

Winter Trees Wept

Silk, Monoprinted Cotton, Beads, Feathers, Paper, 102cm x 40cm.

Suncast Shadows

Organza, Synthetic Fabric, Paint, 130cm x 97cm.

Suncast Shadows Floor Lamp

Rice Paper, Metal, 116cm x 23cm (diameter).

Suncast Shadows I

Cotton, Lutradur, Paper, Metallic Thread, 29cm x 21cm.

Suncast Shadows II

Cotton, Organza, Metallic Fibre, 29cm x 21cm

Suncast Shadows III

Acetate, Polythene, Beads, Thread, 29cm x 21cm.

My Grandmother's Shoes

Paper, Pencil, Glitter, Pastel, 25cm x 40cm.


Angelina, Wire, Beads, Paper, 10cm x 15cm x 15cm.