Gallery | Embroidery

All of these pieces include a significant amount of embroidery.

Splendid Profusion

Cotton, 109cm x 38cm.


The Color of Love

Cotton, Organza, Angelina Fibres, Acrylic Paint, 69cm x 51cm. Double-sided commission.


The Forest Knows

Cotton, Organza, Silk, Paper, Linen Thread, 109cm x 25cm

Ivory Fish

Cartridge Paper, Collage, Paint, 99cm x 99cm.

Le Mariage de la Riviere et du Ciel

'The Marriage of the River and the Sky'. Organza, Acetate, Lutradur, Beads, 98cm x 98cm.


Silk, Cotton, Screenprint, Fabric Paint, 128cm x 119cm.


Journey Bundle

Canvas, Silk, Suede, Thread, Slate, Paper, Beads, Wood, 20cm x 52cm.

South Bank Stories I

Vilene, Buckram, 14.5cm x 48cm.

South Bank Stories II

Vilene, Lutradur, Lokta Paper, Paint.

Le Voyage Sacre

Vilene, Buckram, Silk Paper, 14.5cm x 48cm.

Portrait of My Dad

Paper, Thread, Foam Board, Paint, 29cm x 42cm.


As Long as Grass Grows

Architectural Tracing Paper, Organza, Beads, Thread, 29cm x 42cm.

Half Breed

Paper, Thread, 29cm x 42cm.

My Dad

Paper, Thread, 49cm x 39cm.

Rattlesnake Gorget

Linen, Thread, Beads.

Suncast Shadows I

Cotton, Lutradur, Paper, Metallic Thread, 29cm x 21cm.

Suncast Shadows II

Cotton, Organza, Metallic Fibre, 29cm x 21cm.


Processions Banner

Created in 2018 by a group of women in and around Moretonhampstead to mark the centenary of the end of the First World War and the introduction of women's right to vote in the UK. The banner was designed by local textile artist Veronica Gould. I helped the group to develop the skills needed to piece the banner together. The 'river' features the names of female relatives and ancestors of the women who made it. It was paraded through London as part of the Processions march in June 2018.

The national project was run by Artichoke who invited 100 groups across the country to work with women artists to make a banner.

The Road to Oklahoma I

Felt, Organza, Wool, Silk, Thread, Sequins, Wood, Beads, 86cm x 28cm.

Indian With a Car

Paper, Organza, Thread.