Gallery | Drawing

Primarily, I'm a textile artist. But I also believe in letting the art find its own medium. So, if an idea demands it, I'll express myself in other media. Here's a selection of work that wholly or in part uses drawing techniques.

Eloquent River (top) & All of My Memories

Cotton, Paper, Canvas, Paint, 32cm x 32cm (each).

Hvcce Poyvfekcv - River Spirit

Chalk on paper, 38cm x 69cm.

First World

Oil Pastel on paper, 28cm x 28cm.

Ecatēcvlke Enfvyvtete Pome Enliketv - Red Stick Leads Us Home

Found Wood, Oil Pastel, Watercolour Pencil, Acrylic Paint, 48cm x 48cm.

Earth Diver II

Mushroom Compost on paper.