Gallery | Mixed Media

Much of my work incorporates several different types of material that are not always associated with each other. In my choice of materials, I'm guided solely by whatever the work demands to be successful.


Solstice Moon

Cotton and Olive Ash, 89cm x 48cm.


Enter the Forest of Dreams

Cotton, Silk, Olive Ash, Acrylic Paint, 213cm x 137cm x 234cm.


Desert River Goddess

Cotton, Silk, Organza, Maple, Acrylic Paint, 178cm x 147cm x 18cm.

In the Fullness of Summer

Cotton, Silk, Elm, 142cm x 61cm x 3cm.

Elegant Decay

Cotton, Found Wood, Beads, 89cm x 46cm.


The Forest Knows

Cotton, Organza, Silk, Paper, Linen Thread, 109cm x 25cm.

Ivory Fish

Cartridge Paper, Collage, Paint, 99cm x 99cm.

Winter Trees Wept

Entirely hand-stitched silk, monoprinted cotton, beads, feathers and paper. 102 cm x 40cm. Double sided. This quilt tells the story of the Muscogee's brutal removal from ancestral lands in present day Georgia and Alabama, and their forced march to Indian Territory - The Trail of Tears - in a harsh winter.


Journey Bundle

Canvas, Silk, Suede, Thread, Slate, Paper, Beads, Wood, 20cm x 52cm.

My Grandmother's Shoes

Paper, Pencil, Glitter, Pastel, 25cm x 40cm.

South Bank Stories I

Vilene, Buckram, 14.5cm x 48cm.

South Bank Stories II

Vilene, Lutradur, Lokta Paper, Paint.

Le Voyage Sacre

Vilene, Buckram, Silk Paper, 14.5cm x 48cm.

Suncast Shadows Floor Lamp

Rice Paper, Metal, 116cm x 23cm (diameter).


Holocaust Butterflies (x4)

Lokta Paper or Architectural Tracing Paper


Illuminated Memories

Installation using architectural paper and pressed flowers, created by an Art Raft group and installed in a window in Moretonhampstead's church of St. Andrews.

Portrait of My Dad

Paper, Thread, Foam Board, Paint, 29cm x 42cm.


As Long As Grass Grows

Architectural Tracing Paper, Organza, Beads, Thread, 29cm x 42cm.

Half Breed

Paper, Thread, 29cm x 42cm.

My Dad

Paper, Thread, 49cm x 39cm.

Suncast Shadows I

Cotton, Lutradur, Paper, Metallic Thread, 29cm x 21cm.

Suncast Shadows III

Acetate, Polythene, Beads, Thread, 29cm x 21cm.

The Road to Oklahoma I

Felt, Organza, Wool, Silk, Thread, Sequins, Wood, Beads, 86cm x 28cm.


SacRED Threads

Textile, Leather, Beads, Thread, 130cm x 79cm, 2.5cm.


Angelina, Wire, Beads, Paper, 10cm x 15cm x 15cm.

Spring Returns

Angelina, Wire, Beads, 14cm x 14cm x14cm.

Ecatēcvlke Enfvyvtete Pome Enliketv - Red Stick Leads Us Home

Found Wood, Oil Pastel, Watercolour Pencil, Acrylic Paint, 48cm x 48cm.

Indian With a Car

Paper, Organza, Thread.